What We Stand For

Journeying Together – Who We Are and What We Stand For

Campaigning for a Church of England where all find dignity and fullness of life.

MOSAIC is a movement which campaigns for and models theological breadth, comprehensiveness, and inclusion.

  • MOSAIC is a grass roots movement for change rooted in the Dioceses of the Church of England.  It is the ambition of MOSAIC to have a presence in every Diocese of the Church of England.
  • MOSAIC seeks a church where the God given potential of all is fully embraced and celebrated – calling for an end to all discrimination against people due to economic power, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, learning disability, physical disability, neurodiversity, mental health, or sexuality.
  • MOSAIC is rooted in the sure knowledge that all humankind is made in the Image and Likeness of God and declared good by the Creator; that every person is bestowed with a unique identity and inherent dignity which is to be treasured by the Church.
  • We hold that God’s plan of redemption is displayed in that Christ came among us to save not to condemn (John 3v17) and excludes no one from the embrace of God’s love.
  • We believe that Our Lord was a friend to the outcast and the rejected and the Church imitates Him most closely when it makes itself a place where all find dignity and fullness of life and none are marginalised or excluded.
  • We declare that there is a place for all at the Lord’s table and actively work to be an answer to our Lord’s prayer on the night before He died ‘that all may be one’.
  • We recognise that the Holy Spirit speaks personally and uniquely to and through each of one of us and each will answer God’s call, in particular ways.  This is to be a cause for rejoicing as it reveals a God who, out of the different shapes and hues of our own call, creates a MOSAIC of love.
  • We seek to celebrate and affirm our deeper calling of offering a way to be one through our diversity and difference, not in spite of it. We seek to listen to the stories of the other and the integrity of differing ways of engaging with Scripture. We do not hide from or ignore our differences but rather seek safe and undefended conversations rooted and held in mutual respect and dignity.  
  • In this spirit we extend the hand of friendship and fellowship to all who seek to journey together with us, certain in the knowledge that God loves and cherishes all the children of the world as one people made perfect in the Divine Image