Local Contacts

A map of Church of England Dioceses

A key goal for MOSAIC is to have a Convenor in every Diocese of the Church of England, although it is recognised that the role of convenor will be vary and will be shaped by the particular context of the Diocese.

Convenors have the following key roles:-

  • A point of contact for clergy and laity who have an interest or need for our campaigning group
  • To act as a focus and catalyst for bringing people together
  • A listening ear and gatherer of local thinking – to feed back to the MOSAIC Steering Group and Patrons
  • A conduit for disseminating information from MOSAIC and related organisations, to MOSAIC members and others
  • A potential point of contact for the Bishop’s staff with regards to inclusivity issues within the Diocese
  • Maintain a mailing list of people who express an interest in the campaigning work of MOSAIC

Please click on the diocese below to find out who your local Convenor is.