How We Function


MOSAIC (Movement Of Supporting Anglicans for an Inclusive Church) is a grass roots campaigning movement for change that is rooted in the Dioceses of the Church of England.  It is the ambition of MOSAIC to have a presence in every Diocese of the Church of England. 

MOSAIC has no “statement of faith” as such. However, a separate document – “MOSAIC Journeying Together” – expresses what MOSAIC aims to do and our theological rationale.

MOSAIC does have a bank account for managing small items of expenditure (e.g. the annual National Conference).  MOSAIC will hold an Annual General Meeting where key roles in the movement are elected and accounts are presented and reviewed.

MOSAIC does, however have a national steering group, patrons and local convenors – details as below. 

Steering Group

The national Steering Group has the following key roles:-

  • To set up MOSAIC as a national movement and provide strategic direction
  • Secure MOSAIC convenors in all dioceses of the Church of England
  • Collate and respond to the input of MOSAIC convenors
  • Secure Patrons for MOSAIC who are senior figures in the Church of England that will act as supporters
  • Build and secure relationships with partner organisations that are mutually beneficial
  • Managing the content of the website and social media presence
  • Manage the launch and development of MOSAIC
  • The Steering Group is accountable to the Convenors and Patrons of MOSAIC


Patrons have the following key roles:-

  • Senior figures in the Church of England who will act as critical friends and ambassadors for MOSAIC
  • Review, agree and sign off all policy and press statements for MOSAIC


A key goal for MOSAIC is to have a Convenor in every Diocese of the Church of England. 

Convenors have the following key roles:-

  • A point of contact for clergy and laity who have an interest or need for our campaigning group
  • To act as a focus and catalyst for bringing people together
  • A listening ear and gatherer of local thinking – to feed back to the MOSAIC Steering Group and Patrons
  • A conduit for disseminating information from MOSAIC and related organisations, to MOSAIC members and others
  • A potential point of contact for the Bishop’s staff with regards to inclusivity issues within the Diocese
  • Maintain a mailing list of people who express an interest in the campaigning work of MOSAIC

It is recognised that the role of convenor will be vary and will be shaped by the particular context of the Diocese.

MOSAIC’s Approach to Campaigning

MOSAIC is a movement that treats all within the Church of England with utmost respect, and seeks to engage proactively with all in constructive dialogue.  MOSAIC is very clear in its desire to achieve change and an inclusive church but seeks to do this in a way that works to bring people together, helps resource and empower individuals to make their voices heard at all levels in the church but in such a way that we do not anathematise those with whom we disagree.


MOSAIC will have a website ( that will be kept up to date with information about the movement including:-

  • Steering group
  • Patrons
  • Convenors
  • Resources
  • Related organisations
  • Latest News

Social Media

  • We are not planning to have a separate facebook group/page
  • Twitter handle is @MOSAICCofE