Statement Regarding the Recent Response by the College of Bishops

Mosaic’s statement regarding the College of Bishops response to Living in Love and Faith on the 19th of January 2023 and the worship resources, ‘Prayers of Love and Faith’.

  • We lament the fact that the College of Bishop’s felt unable to bring to General Synod a motion calling for a change to the doctrine of marriage and the offer of equal marriage. We pray for courage amongst our Bishops that we may move towards a future in which same-sex couples, including clergy, are able to marry in their parish church, and no one is forced to act against their conscience.
  • We give thanks for the decision to offer a clear and unequivocal welcome to LGBTQ+ people and commend their decision to urge all congregations to welcome same-sex couples “unreservedly and joyfully”.
  • We welcome the apology offered by the College of Bishops for the harm done by the church to LGBTQ+ people and yet are saddened that continuing to deny equal marriage in church does them, and the spread of the Gospel, further harm.
  • We welcome the decision that ‘Issues in Human Sexuality’ will be rescinded and look forward to those Bishops and Clergy who are in same-sex relationships being able to publicly celebrate their love, albeit only by a Civil Partnership or Civil Marriage, followed by a Blessing in Church.
  • We welcome the Prayers of Love and Faith and commend these resources for use in churches as we affirm and pray for God’s blessing on committed same-sex relationships.

You can download a PDF copy of the statement by clicking here.

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