One Body One Faith working alongside MOSAIC

OneBodyOneFaith have been working to find a way to support members who are seeking to engage safely with the Living in Love and Faith material, following their recent membership survey. To that end, OneBodyOneFaith will be working alongside MOSAIC to signpost safer groups at a diocesan and local parish level.

As an ecumenical organisation, OneBodyOneFaith seeks to partner with likeminded groups who work with specific denominations or traditions. MOSAIC is well placed via our network of local convenors to connect with individuals and churches at a grassroots level who are engaging positively with Living in Love and Faith.

To connect with your local MOSAIC convenor, you can find the full list here.

OneBodyOneFaith remain mindful that, for many, Living in Love and Faith is a process that cannot be engaged with, and they hope that this partnership provides space for each of their members to engage at the level which is appropriate for them.

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