MOSAIC in the North

Yesterday, (Thursday 13 May) Mosaic held its first northern conference focussed
on exploring a theology of diversity and inclusion in the Church of England with
a key note address from Archbishop Stephen Cottrell.   We had 117 delegates
attending the MOSAIC in the North conference which is the first in a series, the
National MOSAIC Conference will be on Saturday 26th of June at 10am on zoom.
The Archdeacon of Manchester, Karen Lund who is also the Chair of
Manchester Diocesan Race, Inequality and Justice Group said:
“MOSAIC is in part a way to be one through our diversity and difference, not in
spite of it. I am really delighted to be part of this journey.  It seems to me, that
God calls us to be ourselves in that unique way we have each been created.
We are called to be Love and to live in that Love which comes from God. 
There is nothing to add or subtract from each other’s loveliness in Christ? 
Instead, we seek to be one. The birth of MOSAIC is a welcome Movement
supporting Christians in the quest to learn how to grow into that indwelling life
with God and with one another.  The Ascension Day MOSAIC Conference is an
exciting moment for the Church.”
The Revd Jackie Doyle-Brett, steering-group member and convenor, said:
“It has been so helpful to hear from clergy and laity who have an interest and
need for MOSAIC –  at the conference comments included: There is no BUT
after God’s unconditional love. There is a need to name ‘issues’, and a need we
for the breadth of these ‘issues’ to be discussed and embraced. It is important
that we and the church leaders name the challenges that exist to inclusivity.
People on the margins do not wake up and identify themselves as such – it is
what others say and do that defines them as being so.
Mosaic offers those who are marginalised a listening ear and we want to
ensure that all have full participation in the church so that all can find a new
dignity and fullness of life.
The Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York gave a short address on the
diversity of theology:

“In aiming to be a Church that is centred on and shaped by Jesus Christ, one of
the Church of England’s strategic objectives is to be younger and more
God has created a diverse world. In Christ human diversity is brought together,
redeemed and re-created. At Pentecost the Church is called to speak every
language. Therefore in order to enable everyone to hear and receive the
gospel of Christ we must be a diverse Church, humbly recognising that we have
failed to properly welcome and include some people, and boldly living out the
scandalous hospitality of God that we see in Christ.”
The Revd. Canon Tim Goode spoke of Mosaic’s desire to listen to the stories of
the other and discover the integrities of differing ways of engaging with
Scripture. Mosaic does so from a place of confidence, confident in our identity
in Christ, each of us ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’;  confident in our
campaign for full participation and the flourishing of all who have been and still
are marginalised by the church; not ignoring our differences, but rather
seeking safe, undefended conversations rooted and held in mutual respect and

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