A Church for ALL England

Join a movement to campaign for a Church of England
where all find dignity and fullness of life.

God who delights in us,
You search us and find us out.
You love us from the inside.
Every thought and feeling, uttered and held in silence
Is known to you and precious to you.
Dwell within us.
Help us discover that you mean us to
Grow into who we fully are and no other.
To be real, not to pretend
To know love – given and received,
And to blossom in its liberating power.
Shelter us in your protective shadow from those who will not accept us,
Who know us only from the outside.
Give us the peace that passes
All misunderstanding, fear and rejection
Knowing that you alone behold us,
Desire us, and declare us to be your own.

Copyright Alison Webster